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A New Puzzle Every Time You Play!

Standard dictionary contains over 7,000 words for an infinite number of challenging puzzles, or create your own! Crossword Maker 2000 includes some additional dictionaries!

Create Personalized Crossword Puzzles

Family and friends will love to play puzzles created just for them. Simply input personalized data into the dictionary, (i.e. names, birthdays, favorite colors) and the program will instantly create a crossword puzzle using the clues you specify.

Never See the Same Puzzle Twice

Existing puzzles are created at random from a dictionary of 7,000 words and other dictionaries activaed, for an infinite variety of layouts.

Improved AI Program

Improved artificial-intelligent program creates better crossword puzzles than before! Beginner's Panel, the new helpful feature of this new version, will help you to answer any words. Even if you get stuck, of course, helpful hints are only a keystroke away.

Play Puzzles While on the Go

Print blank puzzles for completion whenever and wherever you like; or send them to friends. Save partially completed puzzles to finish at your leisure.

[FAQ] How can I create my own puzzles?

1) Select "Use FULL menu" command in Option menu.
2) Select "Dictionary Files..." command shown in Option menu.
3) Click "Create New" button.
4) Give a name and comment for the dictionary.
5) Click "Browse" button to open the dictionary.
6) Click "Register new words" button to add new words.
7) Click "Close" button on "Register new words" dialog to end registering.

To use your new dictionary, please follow these steps

1) Select "Preference..." command in Option menu.
2) Highlight dictionary names you want to use for new puzzles. Click the name to enable/disable to use.
3) Click "Save as default" button to save the setting. When you need to change dictionaries to be used, do the steps again.

* If your new dictionary contains small number of words, choose "High Speed" in Speed box to prevent using a word multiple times in a puzzle.

[FAQ] Can I make the program not to use a word multiple times in a puzzle?

Yes, by choosing "High Speed" in Preference dialog, you can make the program not to use words more than once in a puzzle.

Preference dialog will be shown when selecting "Create New..." command in File menu, or selecting "Preference..." command in Option menu. Both menu commands are shown in both EZ and FULL menu.

[FAQ] I don't live in the USA. So I don't want US airport codes to be in my puzzle.

To disable all airport codes, choose "Preference" command in Option menu.

Then de-activate "Worldwide Dictionary" by clicking it, and click "Save as default" button.

If you want to remove unnecessary words in the dictionary (or to view what words are registered), choose "Use FULL menu" command in Option menu at first. Open Option menu again to find "Dictionary Files..." command. The highlight "Worldwide Dictionary" and click "Browse" button to see inside.

You can find all words and their clues in the file, so choose one and "Delete this word" button to remove it.

Please be careful the word will be completely removed when you click "Delete this word" button. You cannot undo it.

[FAQ] Can I print out the Crossword with clues so that I may use them on my travels?

Yes, just choosing "Print..." command in File menu.

The puzzle will be printed on the first page, and clues will be printed on the following 2 (or more) pages.

I'm sorry to tell you that you cannot make the program to print in one paper. Now at least 3 papers are required. I'll try to add more flexibility when you are printing.

[FAQ] Other questions you have

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