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Introducing products developed by Masa Hisamura

Last updated on January 25, 2005 
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Crossword Maker(COSMI Corporation)

Crossword Maker   in Office Depot

Designed & Developed by Masa Hisamura!

Available on CD-ROM for Windows 95 or later

Creates an infinite number of your own crossword puzzles!

Sold 200,000+ copies in U.S., and world wide. Only $9.99 in stores!

Crossword Maker is also bundled with:

Crossword Maker Bonus Puzzle Maker, released April 1, 2003
Crossword for Kids with Hangman For Kids, released April 1, 2003
Cyberchess with Crossword, released May 1, 2004
Cyberchess with Crossword, released February 29, 2004
World's Best Games for Windows, released September 9, 2002

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